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     Available Flavors:

- Durian

- Vanilla

- Lavender

- Strawberry

- Lychee

(lychee cream, lychee fruit,

jelly bits, rose petal garnish)

Price List:

1 Dz Cream puffs - $30

1 Dz Cupcakes - $39

1/2 Dz Cupcakes - $19.50

Cheesecakes (6 minimum)

*You can mix the flavors*

Durian cheesecake - $4 each

Cheesecake w/ fresh berries - $3.50 each

Raspberry swirl cheesecake - $3.50 each

Dessert Order Form
San Jose, CA

Example Order:

1 Dz (6 Durian, 6 Vanilla)

1/2 Dz minimum for Cheesecake orders
1 Dz minimum for Cream puff orders


Thank you for ordering!!! ❤️
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Venmo: https://venmo.com/Cindy-Ngar
Zelle: Cindyslittlecakery@gmail.com 

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